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RLE Sportswriting

We have been connecting sports organizations to professional, journalistic sports content for more than two decades.

Our sports editors are all trained journalists, and they’ve developed a network of freelance journalists around the country. Together we’ve produced everything from recaps of high school football games in all 50 states to profiles of the most famous US Olympians.

Why Custom Content Matters

The Internet is filled with syndicated and often stolen content. Our stories are all original. Using journalistic standards, we produce accurate and authentic stories that give readers a reason to come—and stay—on your site.

How it Works for Clients

The process is simple. You work with our team to develop a custom content plan for your site. Our team produces clean, edited stories to fit that plan. You retain exclusive rights to these stories, so no one else can use them. And in the end, you save countless hours by leaving the coordination to us.

How It Works For Writers

Interested writers should submit their resumes on our Jobs page. If we have an assignment for you, our editors will reach out with the details. You’ll file the stories to RLE and be paid by RLE.

Top Sports Clients

We’re proud of our work for all of our clients, big or small. Here are several with whom we’ve done extensive work over recent years.

Since 2009

Since 2018

USA Hockey

Since 2002

Since 2015

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